Nutrition, Food processing, Preservation, Hygiene and Culinary Skills Training Program
Pictorial Slideshow Of The Program Highlights

  • St-Elizabeth Demo farm main facility
  • The Project Coordinator Inspecting Progress
  • Students blessing and admission Mass
  • All systems go!! Classes begin..
  • The training bearing fruits!!
  • More Evidence of the program's Success!!
  • A visit to Njoro Canners to Learn about Food Preservation
  • Celebration of a milestone, Finally Graduating!!
  • The Coordinator and Some of the  Tutors

Through the generous assistance of MZF, BMZ and The Little Sisters of St. Francis, St. Elizabeth Demo Farm embarked on an ambitious project to establish a fully equipped culinary and nutrition training facility within the farm in Mumoi, Lower Subukia.

This project would be a follow up to the preceding highly successful training program on sustainable farming that took place within the demo farm between 2019 and 2021.

          A Little Background Information

MilestonesMajor Milestones in Pictures

St. Elizabeth Demo Farm and training center was started in October 2018 by the Little Sisters of St. Francis with the much needed donor help from MZF and BMZ. Construction of the main office building, classes and adjacent amenities began during the same year and was completed in early 2019. The facility was blessed and officially opened on 14th March, 2019 by His Grace Rt. Rev. Maurice Muhatia Makumba, the Archbishop of Kisumu. 240 women subsequently went through 6 months comprehensive training on Sustainable farming, animal rearing and records keeping as well as other practical courses. The last group graduated in July 2021.
Welcoming Donors

The Management & Students Welcoming Donor Representatives

Following the success of Momoi Sustainable Farming Project, the organization’s management found it wise to build on that momentum and address another related issue affecting the focus community; food processing – i.e. what happens to food between the time it leaves the field to when it’s put on a plate and how can that be improved? How can women learn culinary skills that will help them prepare marketable dishes and pastries thus monetizing their farm produce?

A Moment Of Joy as Sr. Vicky, Project Coordinator Receives The Keys To The New Block

The idea of a training program focusing on Nutrition, Food processing, Preservation, Hygiene and advanced Culinary Skills was therefore conceptualized. Once again the management approached MZF, BMZ and The Little Sisters of St. Francis  (who had earlier on financed Momoi Sustainable farming project) with the project proposal and the donors were happy to help.

             New Program, New Block

The new program at St. Elizabeth Demo Farm was conceived as a way to empower the community through training on Improved Food Processing & Culinary Skills. The project targets 240 women and as of 21st November 2023, 40 women have already graduated having gone through both practical and theoretical classes.  The program is intended to build on what the institution has achieved on food production in the farm by addressing the subsequent value addition chain processes.
Project coordinator and Tutors

                   Project Coordinator With Some of The Tutors

>>Specific Objectives Of The Program<<

  • To equip women with all-round food preparation skills
  • To train women on basic Nutrition and hygiene
  • Training on sustainable cooking using environmental friendly technologies
  • Training on effective food preservation

To achieve the above a new facility equipped with a fully functional high capacity training kitchen, food preservation section, classes and administrative areas was required. Qualified tutors also had to be recruited and learning materials purchased.

Construction began earnestly and was completed in 2023. Official opening and blessing of the new block was done on 21st November 2023 presided over by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Cleophas Oseso Tuka, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

“Empowering women means empowering the whole community”

The focus of the project will be centered on women between the ages of 25 – 45 who are primarily charged with preparing meals for their homes.
Project coordinator Sr. Vicky

Sr. Vicky, The project Coordinator Who has Overseen The Program Becoming a Reality

“May the good Lord above continue blessing everyone involved in the project and may the program continue to empower the women of lower Subukia and the whole community at large!!”