For about 6 years, St. Elizabeth Demo farm has successfully implemented an all-encompassing sustainable agriculture training project that has seen a large number of women and men from the local community equipped with cutting-edge skills in modern farming technologies. The project dubbed  “Momoi Sustainable farming project” covers hands-on tutelage  as well as practical instructions on agriculture , animal husbandry , poultry and most recently, beekeeping .


The beekeeping project was first conceptualized in 2019 when hundreds of men underwent a 6 month course on the craft for six months and eventually graduated. They were equipped with skills on how to establish a modern apiary and how to ensure the hives actually bring returns on the investment.

In 2022 Laura Hunt family foundation and friends further supported the program by equipping the graduands – called Umoja bee farmers – with beehives and honey harvesting equipment. The results of the program as seen in the photos are splendid!! Men who were previously lost in alcoholism are now productive members of the society , harvesting bucket loads of honey that brings them direct income. Momoi Demo Farm as an organization assists them on getting the market for the honey at favorable prices.

We are grateful to all who have worked with us on this new venture!!